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Native Clearing Collection

Since ancient times, Native Americans would clear and energize their spaces as a part of special events, or whenever a change in life was needed or desired.


We offer this collection of the traditional tools used in such ceremonies..


The 15 inch Elk Drum,

is hand made using traditional Native American methods.


Each drum is made from the skin of an Elk, an animal who's totem message one of working within community, and courage. The hides are unbleached, and the pattern of the skin is unique on each one.


The drum comes with a drum stick (made from alder or maple). The drum and the stick represent the energy of female and male, the are used together to create new energy and powerful clearings.

Along with your drum is a beautiful color booklet, 'The Way of the Drum' written by Denise Linn. It will take you step by step in understanding and connecting with your drum's unique abilities. This booklet is a must have to fully engage with the energy of the drum to provide the most powerful and effective clearing.

In addition, this collection includes a large California White Sage bundle for clearing spaces and conducting ceremony. White sage is considered the most highly sought herb for clearing purposes.

A beautiful hand sanded triple A quality blessed decorated Turkey feather. You can use this with your sage or on it's own for powerful clearing work. Feathers are one of the most graceful and precise ways to clear the energy of a person, as well as a space. You will also receive a Elemental Space Clearing box to store your feather in a sacred way.

Also included (not shown) is an Elemental Space Clearing tote bag to transport your tools and keep them safe!

Native Clearing Collection: $330 US Dollars plus shipping

*shipping fee will be invoiced separately, based on your location


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